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New tones and civility from the Left. Again.

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

This little piggy is really disturbed:

And one more:

Plenty more here.

Now, I understand that “coming after” someone in the political arena could metaphorically be referring to voting them out in an election or impeachment.  But how does one “come after” the Koch brothers exactly?

Judging by this person’s vile twitter stream, there’s no telling what he or she is capable of.   These people are beyond bitter and angry.  You can feel the hatred in their tweets even!

And one more just to drive the point home, this time from another lunatic who clearly should be under surveillance:

[Hat Tip: The Right Scoop]

UPDATE.  Jim Treacher obtains a disturbing e-mail.

Reality check on Social Security

March 7, 2011 Leave a comment


Social Security has passed a tipping point. For years it generated more revenue than it consumed, holding down the overall federal deficit and allowing Congress to spend more freely for other things. But those days are gone. Rather than lessening the federal deficit, Social Security has at last — as long predicted — become a drag on the government’s overall finances.

As recently as October, CBO was projecting that it would be 2016 before outlays regularly exceed revenues. But Social Security’s fiscal troubles are more severe than was thought, and the latest projections show the permanent deficits started several years ahead of earlier predictions.

And what about that talking point that the left loves to push–that there’s nothing wrong with Social Security and it can still pay out benefits until 2037.  As if those who turn 65 in 2038 and afterwards can go to hell:

…[D]on’t be misled by those who say the system can pay full benefits until about 2037 without making any changes to the law. That’s true, but does not change the fact that Social Security taxes no longer cover those benefits. The government is now borrowing money to pay them, and will do so every year for the foreseeable future.

[I]f nothing is done, when those trust funds are exhausted, benefits would have to be cut by 22 percent in 2037, and more each year after that, according to the most recent report of the system’s trustees. By 2084, the system will generate only enough revenue to pay for 75 percent of promised benefit levels.

Those are the facts. But they haven’t stopped some Democrats from claiming over and over that Social Security doesn’t contribute “one penny” to the deficit.

Democrats continue to spread their propaganda about the alleged solvency in Social Security, and our complicit media continues to let them do so, without challenging any of it.  They only way to reform Social Security is to make tough choices and sacrifices. 

Liberals don’t believe in this.  They need to promise the world to their constituents, because that is the basic tenet of their belief system–that government is the only benefactor for middle class Americans.  And if entitlement programs need to be scaled back then, well, they might as well end up voting Republican.

Senator Sherrod Brown compares Republicans to Hitler, Stalin

March 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is your new tone, America.  Brought to you by the Democratic party:


As a nation, I look back in history and some of the worst governments we’ve ever had, you know one of the the first thing they did? They went after the trade unions,” he said. “Hitler didn’t want unions, Stalin didn’t want unions. Mubarak didn’t want independent unions.”

Erik Erickson provides a slap, upside the head:

Hitler dissolved the Weimar Republic’s unions and consolidated them into the German equivalent of the AFL-CIO, basing the unions on socialist equality principles. Yes, he dissolved the unions. But he only did so because they weren’t “union” enough. [...]

It might shock Sherrod Brown, who shows no signs of being familiar at all with history, that the Nazis also supported universal healthcare, expanded animal welfare laws, support of healthy, organic foods and vegetarianism, a minimum wage, progressive taxation, and tight gun control — policies Sherrod Brown supports too.

Poor ignorant Democrats.

Small banks still hurting, failures at 18 year high

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Maybe bailing out the biggest banks wasn’t such a good idea:

The number of banks at risk of failing made up nearly 12 percent of all federally insured banks in the final three months of 2010, the highest level in 18 years.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp said Wednesday that the number of banks on its confidential “problem” list rose to 884 in the October-December quarter, up from 860 in the previous quarter. Those are banks rated by examiners as having very low capital cushions against risk.

Twenty-two banks have failed so far this year. And more banks are at risk, even as the FDIC reported the industry’s highest earnings as a group since the financial crisis hit three years ago.

Only a small fraction of the 7,657 federally insured banks — about 1.4 percent with assets of more than $10 billion — are driving the bulk of the earnings growth. They are the largest banks, including Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo & Co.

The big banks accounted for about $20.6 billion of the industry earnings of $21.7 billion in the fourth quarter. The total earnings compared with a net loss of $1.8 billion in the same quarter of 2009. The agency said bank earnings were buoyed in the latest quarter by reduced charges for soured loans.

Most of the big banks have recovered with help from federal bailout money and record-low borrowing rates.   On the other side, many smaller banks are struggling.

The Bush/Obama bailouts aren’t working out so well for the small community banks, the ones that really provide the lifeblood and working capital to small businesses.  I’m shocked that politicians in Washington didn’t see that coming.  Shocked, I say!

And what about that Democratic party tenet that says Democrats are always looking out for the little guy?  Last I checked, the Democrats had complete control of Washington until six weeks ago.

[Hat Tip: Instapundit]


“Unions, it seems, attract personalities that approve of violence”

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

That’s a bit from this IBD piece, which is well worth reading, of which I was thinking when I saw this thread over at Memeorandum.

This is video of Tabitha Hale, conservative activist at Freedom Works, getting assaulted by yet another union thug:

There’s the new civility for ya.  Jim Treacher has had enough:

I know Tabitha. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m sick of this crap. We get months of “Teabaggers are violent” — hell, years — when in reality, Tea Partiers have been the recipients of violence. Meanwhile, these union guys are ratcheting up the violent rhetoric and now actually assaulting people in broad daylight.

For the record, I’m in total agreement with Treacher.   Unfortunately there will be no coverage of this story outside of Fox News, and will soon be forgotten I’m sure, so that the media can focus on more important things like how many calories were in Michelle Obama’s ancho-chile braised short ribs dinner or how the Koch Brothers run the country.  And I would be shocked if anyone in the liberal blogosphere is writing about this.

This act of thuggery comes a day after a Tea Party Democrat congressman said this to a crowd of union supporters:

“I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going  [...]

“Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”

So you have a pro-union, liberal Democrat from Massachussets egging on a crowd of frothing union hate-mongers, and less than twenty-four hours later, a union protester with a deranged look in his eye, decides to take the congressman’s words to heart, and assaults someone for standing up for themselves.  That’s not to say that this goon actually heard Congressman Capuano’s statement, but union thuggery appears to be more the rule, and not the exception.

But this is a world of biased inference.  A place where cable news apologizes for a guest using the word “crosshair”, because Sarah Palin put some on a map once, and a Congresswoman was shot months later by an anarchist, so it is of course, Sarah Palin’s fault.

To wit, mission accomplished Congressman Capuano.  Who knows what you’ve started.

UPDATE. Bravo! Ace nails it with a excellent post on the left’s reaction to the Tabitha Hale story, specifically Oliver Willis’ assertion that the attack was a stunt:

“Manufactured” is a slippery term indeed because it embraces a very fat range of meanings. It can be a literal term — something can be literally manufactured, created in whole. It can be more figurative — we say something is “manufactured” if it’s incited by craftiness. In baseball, they speak of “manufacturing” runs, by which they mean relying on less-spectacular methods of run production such as the combination of a walk, a steal, and a sacrifice fly.

Or “manufactured” may refer to the outrage over an incident, which is postulated to be false, and not the actual incident itself.

So a fat, dull, talentless hack like Oliver Willis can offer a general denial of an incident without really specifying in what particular way he denies it. He claims it’s “manufactured.” What does this mean? We don’t know, and in all likelihood, neither does he. Being obese of mind as well as body, he is lazy and hasn’t bothered to figure it out.

But he knows that his job relies upon him vomiting a steady stream of propaganda (as well as half-digested Filet O’Fishes), and so he obliges with a meaningless statement that pleases the leftist lunatics he preaches too and dissatisfies anyone with a working intellect.

[Via: Robert S. McCain]

NJ public employee unions to screw Jersey taxpayers on Friday

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Anything to get a day off from work.  Paid for by New Jersey taxpayers of course:

The largest state employee unions are organizing a rally at the Statehouse on Friday to express support for workers rallying in Wisconsin.

The Communications Workers of America, which represents most of the state’s employees, will participate in the rally at noon, and National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will address the crowd. The rally is organized by the AFL-CIO and supported by the Change to Win unions and the National Education Association.

“We are all Wisconsin public workers this week,” Hetty Rosenstein, CWA state director, said in a statement. “They’re trying to blame middle class workers for the financial mess that Wall Street caused. It’s more politics as usual and we’re ready to fight back.”

It’s all for the kids, I’m sure, but I wonder how much this will cost taxpayers?

POTUS and DNC walk back support for Wisconsin protests

February 21, 2011 1 comment

Last week it was reported that the Obama administration, via the OFA and the DNC gave their approval and lent their support to the union protests in Wisconsin.

Today, the administration is distancing itself from all of that:

Administration officials said Sunday that the White House had done nothing to encourage the demonstrations in Wisconsin — nor was it doing so in Ohio, Florida and other states where new Republican governors are trying to make deep cuts to balance their budgets.

And, officials and union leaders said, reports of the involvement of the Democratic National Committee — specifically Organizing for America, the grass-roots network born of Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign — were overblown to start with and were being inflated by Republicans sensing political advantage.

“This is a Wisconsin story, not a Washington one,” said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director. “False claims of White House involvement are attempts to distract from the organic grass-roots opposition that is happening in Wisconsin.”

Yeah.  A grass-roots opposition that has to bus in malcontents from other states.  I believe astro-turfing  is more like it.

In reality, the DNC was caught approving of the protests last week on Twitter (screenshot via Doug Ross):

Despite the DNC and White House lies, it’s obvious that they fully support and encourage the protests by union thugs and lawbreaking teachers.  Not only that, but by association they encourage the vitriol and anger spewing from the protesters, which is exemplified in tweets like this:

“Get in their face”

Methinks the walking back of support could be attributed to the fact that the longer these protests grind out, the more Americans across the country start to get weary of “workers’ not going to work, and their union thug tactics.   Indeed it does look like more people support Governor Walker than the unions.

Look, the President is a left-wing ideologue, who sees the public sector unions as his primary base of support and approves of their methods to obtain and hold political power.  That’s just the nature of that beast.  Conservatives and anyone who’s been paying attention have known this for years.  That being said, it’s still disturbing to see the President of the United States side with an organization that represents 10-15% of the total American workforce and a select few in Wisconsin, and the filth that comes with it, against every other American.  This is what class warfare looks like.

[Hat Tip: Memeorandum]

New tones and such

February 20, 2011 1 comment

More of the new civility from the compassionate and tolerant left:

More evidence that progressives and liberals are hypocritical and motivated by hate and anger.

[Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit]

Columbia University on the front lines of douchebaggery

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Our academic superiors prove that civility is not for them, it’s for the rest of us rubes:

Columbia University students heckled a war hero during a town-hall meeting on whether ROTC should be allowed back on campus.

“Racist!” some students yelled at Anthony Maschek, a Columbia freshman and former Army staff sergeant awarded the Purple Heart after being shot 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq in February 2008. Others hissed and booed the veteran.

Maschek, 28, had bravely stepped up to the mike Tuesday at the meeting to issue an impassioned challenge to fellow students on their perceptions of the military.

“It doesn’t matter how you feel about the war. It doesn’t matter how you feel about fighting,” said Maschek. “There are bad men out there plotting to kill you.”

Columbia, as expected, remains a rancid incubator of extreme left-wing idiocy, fully paid for by the parents of these upper class brats, posing as students.  Remember that this is the same Ivy League institution which, not too long ago, admitted that it wouldn’t mind none other than Hitler himself come to its campus for a chat.

UPDATE.  Doug Powers asks:

Wasn’t the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” supposed to open the arms of the left toward the military?

To wit, Glenn Reynolds writes:

…[T]his is also more evidence that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was just a lame excuse to cover for generic hostility to the military, something made clear by numerous speakers at the event including some Columbia faculty.

More from Pamela Geller


February 18, 2011 1 comment

I’m reminded by Jim Geraghty that yesterday was the two-year anniversary of the stimulus package–the $800 billion Keynesian boondoggle merely added to the deficit with no substantial gain.  The NRSC has put together a commemorative video that should remind us all of the outright waste of taxpayer money:

It’s ironic really.  A big portion of the stimulus went to plug the holes of states budgets, so that they could paper over their individual deficits.  Despite warnings from conservative circles, those measures only acted as a band-aid, kicking the can to…2011.   Now we have union protests in Wisconsin led by law-breaking teachers and their union, Democrat politicians literally running for their political lives out of state to avoid the reckoning.    Now those protests are spreading to Ohio and possibly Indiana.

And let’s not forget what Chris Christie has been doing here in the Garden State in addressing the public union parasites straight on for the past year or so.

Yeah.  Happy Anniversary, Stimulus.


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