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The Other Senator Dodd

I was glad to see the news that Senator Dodd decided not to seek another term.  To me, Chris Dodd is the epitome of the hypocrisy that is the modern Democratic party and of slimy politicians in general.  So obnoxious, and your typical corruptocrat.

Good riddance.

I knew that Dodd’s father, Thomas Dodd, was also a Senator from Connecticut.  But despite being one of the few Senators censured by Congress, he had an interesting resume:

Thomas Dodd was a young F.B.I. agent, a prosecutor who went after the K.K.K., and part of the American team at the Nuremberg trials, where he cross examined the likes of Baldur von Schirach and Alfred Rosenberg, and made the prosecution’s first major presentation on concentration camps.

And there’s even video of Dodd at Nuremberg:

Pretty fascinating stuff.

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