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Brown’s moneybomb goes boom

OK, so get this.

The Scott Brown campaign was looking to raise about $500,000 for the stretch run of this campaign.   Turns out, the money bomb was a lot bigger than even pessimists like myself would have thought.

And I’m sure it caught not only the Brown campaign by surprise, but the Coakley camp as well.

The Brown campaign raised over $1.3 million last night!  That’s almost triple their initial goal.

Obviously, something is going on here and the Democratic party was forced to take notice and act accordingly.  They’re sending personnel and money to Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, last night the candidates had their final debate and by most accounts Brown had Coakley beat.  The highlight of the night:

Check out David Gergen’s smug Beltway arrogance.  “Ted Kennedy’s seat”??  

My pessimism is never easily deterred, but Scott Brown’s campaign is making it harder for me to remain so bleak.  I finally broke down and donated to the campaign.  The stakes are so high, it’s probably the last defense against a grotesque health reform bill passing in the Senate.  That alone is worth the contribution.

Donate here:  Scott Brown For Senate

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