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Time to play “Who Said That?”

Which politician just said the following about a recent EPA report advising to curb carbon emissions?

“I am very concerned about the burden that EPA regulation of carbon emissions could put on our economy and have questions about the actual benefit EPA regulations would have on the environment….Heavy-handed EPA regulation, as well as the current cap-and-trade bills in Congress, will cost us jobs and put us at an even greater competitive disadvantage to China, India and others…”

Sarah Palin?

Mike Huckabee?

Scott Brown?

Mitt Romney?

If you chose any of these Republicans, you are dead wrong.  In fact, if you pick any Republican at all, you’d be wrong.  In fact, the answer is Senator Blanche Lincoln—Democrat of Arkansas.   A Democrat who is in a bit of trouble this November unless she doesn’t start ditching the Obama liberalism.  In other words, she’s a Democrat from a red state.   Which is about as dangerous as say…a Democrat in Massachusetts these days.

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