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Andrew Sullivan: Hey, these independent voters are extremists

It appears that Andrew Sullivan’s crush on President Obama is causing the blogger to morph from a mere shill for the President to borderline insanity.  The ramblings are almost unbearable to read any longer.  Of course being the glutton for punishment that I am, I must read.

His latest post on how the President must react to this week’s special election in Massachusetts and how it pertains to Obama’s agenda is all sorts of fail—major fail:

…[T]he ferocity of the campaign against Obama, the sheer dickishness of the GOP and its acolytes, the total oppositionism to everything he has done and indeed anything he might do… suggests that any hope for some kind of cooperation from this rump is impossible.

But the truth is that these forces have also been so passionate, so extreme, and so energized that in a country reeling from a recession, the narrative – a false, paranoid, nutty narrative – has taken root in the minds of some independents. Obama, under-estimating the extremism of his opponents, has focused on actually addressing the problems we face.

So let’s get this straight—the stupidity and ignorance of the right-wingers is so fierce and so dominant that it’s “taken root in the minds of some independents”?   Clearly this is a jab at the overwhelming support that Scott Brown received by non-affiliated voters who, by definition, are not the extremist lunatics that Sullivan implies.  It’s amazing to see the liberal/progressive blogosphere plus political observers in complete denial about the special election results earlier this week, and what a debilitating blow it is to Obama’s agenda. 

The people have spoken—that’s what elections are for—and Sullivan, looking through his sycophantic glasses—refuses to acknowledge that. 

And then, there’s this:

Look at what we are facing right now: a take-no-prisoners right, empowered by a massive new wave of corporate money unleashed by the Supreme Court, able to wield a 41 seat minority to oppose anything Obama wants, setting up a cycle of failure for a president whom they can then pillory at the polls…These forces cannot be appeased. They simply have to be confronted.

A “41 seat minority” that is opposing “anything Obama wants”?  What the hell?  The last I checked, this week was the one year anniversary of the President’s inauguration, not his coronation.  It is the minority party’s duty to oppose the President or his party, or both, if their beliefs contradict and if it means accomodating their constituents.  Isn’t that the nature of constitutional democracies that Sullivan holds so sacred?  Sullivan seems to be putting Obama’s agenda and legacy ahead of everyday Americans.   

And finally:

But it is absurd that one special election should upend a clear campaign promise, a year of work, and a necessary start on a critical reform without which we hurtle toward bankruptcy even more quickly.

“One special election”?  Apparently Sullivan is thinking with blinders on.  After a summer of bitter tea parties that Sullivan and liberals wrote off as outliers, the proverbial chickens came home to roost in November—-with GOP wins in New Jersey and Virginia—the former a blue state with an incumbent governor who embraced Obama and his policies every chance he could, the latter a southern state where Democrats were supposed to be making inroads.  For healthcare and Democrats, it was all downhill from there.   And then came Massachusetts.  The bluest of blue states was supposed to be a slam dunk for Democrats.  And healthcare was at the center of it all. 

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the American people saw slimy backroom deals, the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, the Christmas Eve Senate vote, the union tax exemption, and on and on.  People apparently got fed up with the politics as usual that Sullivan’s beloved Obama encourages in his government.   So it’s not just “one special election” in January, but more like the build-up of frustration on behalf of most Americans. 

Normally, I would say Sullivan needs to get a grip—but it looks like it’s way beyond that right now.  Sullivan has a crush that nothing can cure.

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