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Partying like it’s 2008

Break out the styrofoam columns, the soaring rhetoric and mind-numbing townhalls—the president is asking his 2008 campaign machine to essentially take charge of the DNC because the election of Scott Brown obviously meant nothing in order to better understand “where things stand” for the midterm elections:

President Obama is reconstituting the team that helped him win the White House to counter Republican challenges in the midterm elections and recalibrate after political setbacks that have narrowed his legislative ambitions.

Mr. Obama has asked his former campaign manager, David Plouffe, to oversee House, Senate and governor’s races to stave off a hemorrhage of seats in the fall. The president ordered a review of the Democratic political operation — from the White House to party committees — after last week’s Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race, aides said.


As Mr. Obama prepares to deliver his State of the Union address on Wednesday and lay out his initiatives for the second year of his presidency, his decision to take greater control of the party’s politics signals a new approach. The White House is searching for ways to respond to panic among Democrats over the possible demise of his health care bill and a political landscape being reshaped by a wave of populism.


The reinforcement of the White House’s political operation has been undertaken with a sense of urgency since Tuesday, when a Republican, Scott Brown, won the Massachusetts Senate seat that had been held by Edward M. Kennedy. The White House was caught off guard when it became clear that Democrats were in danger of losing it, and by the time alarm bells sounded from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, it was too late.


The White House intends to send Mr. Obama out into the country considerably more in 2010 than during his first year in office, advisers said, to try to rekindle the relationship he developed with voters during his presidential campaign.

Remember the last eight years?  Remember how liberals and Democrats did nothing but bitch and moan about how President Bush was “politicizing” the White House and turning the government into nothing but a 24 hour polling station for Bush’s political agenda?  Yeah.  About that.

In the Obama era, it’s ok to blur the line between partisan party politics and the federal government—you get a free pass from a complacent, partisan media and the liberal blogosphere, who all but called for Bush’s impeachment over the last decade for similar sins.   Nothing but hypocrisy from the left.   But that’s nothing new.

This is an insult to the American people, and specifically those in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, who spoke out with their votes, and have rejected the Obama agenda, at least as it pertains to healthcare reform.  The president and his handlers are effectively ignoring them and figuring out a way to best advance their agenda with minimal damage to already tenuous Democratic majorities in Congress.  All politics.  All partisanship. No governance.

And does the White House actually think that the reason that people despise healthcare reform is because the President has not been seen enough?  Really??  Last I remember, the president gave some 158 interviews—158—over the past 12 months on the subject.  That includes speeches to the AMA, an address to Congress, and let’s not forget the ABC infomercial last summer.   Yeah, that’s the problem—the president just needs to get out more.  That, despite the fact that the more the president speaks about it, the less popular it becomes, and so does Obama and the Democrats.  As a conservative, I implore the administration to keep talking.

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