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Senator DeMint to Dems: “Um, you guys have been running Congress for three years now”

Finally!  A Republican is starting to point out the obvious— that Democrats have controlled Congress since 2007—that’s three years of controlling the federal purse-strings, and as such, should, you know, take some responsibility for the current condition of the US economy.

Kudos to Senator Jim DeMint, who appeared on ABC’s “This Week” earlier today, and drove the point home (emphasis mine):

[…] I’ve been amazed to hear Mr. Axelrod and what the president said this week. After three years of controlling both houses of Congress, they’re still trying to blame someone else.


The president’s stimulus has been a massive failure. When the Democrats came into power three years ago, unemployment was half what it is today.


[W]e’re not going to have bipartisanship as long as the Democrats are moving towards just more spending and debt.  Listen, when the president came into office, the Democrats had controlled Congress for two years. Presidents don’t write policy and spend money. The Congress does.

The Democrat Congress had taken us in the wrong direction. And the first year of the Obama’s presidency, he created more debt than George Bush did in eight years.

So we’ve got to get rid of this inheritance idea. The president and the Democrats need to take some responsibility.

This has been driving me nuts for a while now.  What was lost in the haze of hope and change fever a year ago was that Democrats won back the majority in Congress back in 2006, and now that it’s 2010, this fact can and should be driven home every time a Republican speaks to the media, to their constituents, on their Facebook pages, on Twitter, etc.  In other words: POUND THE TABLE!

I watched This Week earlier today and Jim DeMint made Senator Robert Menendez look like a buffoon.  All Menendez could do was flail around saying “Bush! Bush! Bush!”, and DeMint would just land another jab saying “Hey, you guys have been running the show for three years.”  It’s a simple meme, but it works, and its accurate. 

Republicans need to drive the point home that eventually the campaign for new leadership in Washington has to end and the victors need to govern, which is exactly what the Democrats have not been doing over the last few years.   And the president still brings up the Bush bogeyman everytime he is in a corner.

I know this is too much to ask of establishment Republicans, who refuse to rock the boat and enjoy their minority status.  Conservatives like Jim DeMint get it.  The Tea Partiers should get it, also.  I can’t overestimate how much this should be one of the defining themes of the coming midterm elections.

UPDATE.   Much like Menendez whining about President Bush, the Democrats targeted  strategy to blame Bush doesn’t fly with Americans any longer, either.  (Via Hot Air)

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