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Senate Commission on Federal Deficit Falls Flat

Leave it to the United States Senate to come up with a lame idea like this:

Despite growing public anger about the burgeoning federal deficit, the Senate today rejected a proposal to establish a commission to devise ways to cut spending and raise taxes — and to give the panel teeth by essentially forcing Congress to consider its recommendations.

The bipartisan amendment would have required Congress to vote on the deficit commission’s recommendations — up or down, without change — in an effort to prevent lawmakers from sidestepping politically difficult choices and cherry-picking easier but less effective measures.

If I picture the meetings between Senators when they were coming up with this incredibly toothless and complacent idea, I’d imagine they went something like this:

Yes.  With deficits at record levels, soaring public debt and a seemingly bottomless appetite for more spending, the Senate decides….to form a commission to look for ways to curb the deficit.   Good grief.

And with a Democratic majority in the Senate, you can see how seriously Democrats take their spending problems.

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