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Yes, Dan Coats.

I’m getting a little nervous about all of this “Republican retaking Congress” talk that’s been building over the past few days.

It’s been picking up momentum since Massachusetts a few weeks back and, although I still believe the Republican party has made huge gains over the past few months,  I still don’t see them picking up more than a handful of seats in the Senate (let alone take back the majority) and I’m still not sure about the House.

Maybe it’s just the pessimist in me, but I can never count out the Republican party’s ability to shoot itself in the foot, even as the political environment seems to be turning in their favor.

Still, November is nine months away, and nine months is an eternity in politics.  So many things can happen and momentum can change.

My pessimism didn’t budge when I saw than Dan Coats is entering the Indiana Senate race to try and knock off Evan Bayh.

Yes, that Dan Coats.  Coats is a good conservative, although he does come with some baggage.

But the story just reminded me that there appears to be a dearth of potential younger, new faces for the conservative cause, especially in the Senate.  I mean, Harry Reid’s seat has been in trouble for a while now (only recently has it become tenuous for him), and the NRSC was dragging their feet to find a suitable candidate (that didn’t have legal problems) to challenge him.

And yes, I understand that Scott Brown just won an election in Massachusetts, and that Marco Rubio is looking strong in Florida.  Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit in that case, but it’s still an indictment on the inompetence of the Republican party at the national level.  It’s still aggravating to watch.

Of course, I want a Republican to take Bayh’s seat—-Bayh exemplifies the typical, corporatist, moderate politician in my opinion—but I was just a bit taken back.  Dan Coats?  Really?

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