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Tea Party Power

The first National Tea Party convention is taking place this weekend in Nashville. 

I was never a fan of the Tea Party concept—-the rallies, the slogan shouting, etc.  In the age of Facebook, blogging, Twitter and others, I think political rallies and marches and such, have become, for the most part, irrelevant.  That’s just my opinion, and I’m sure others are better suited to make that argument.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing to think that a year ago, the movement didn’t even exist.  Too bad that it took a $787 billion scam to light the powder keg, and a summer of a misguided healthcare push by the Federal government to get conservative activists moving, and make their voice heard. 

While Doug Hoffman was a near miss, a misreading by the establishment Republican party of a special election, the movement is being heard in a lot of circles, bearing fruit in Massachussets and New Jersey and Virginia.

But of course, no political oranization is perfect and the Tea Party is no exception.  The birther contingent is alive and well in the movement, and its ruffling a lot of feathers among non-birther conservatives:

During WorldNetDaily Editor-in-Chief Joseph Farah’s Friday night dinner speech, which spent around 10 of its forty minutes on questions about Barack Obama’s citizenship, Andrew Brietbart was among the conservatives in back of the room grumbling audibly about what he was hearing.

After he introduced the evening’s closing entertainment — a film titled “Generation Zero” — Breitbart walked outside to the convention hall. There, I heard Breitbart criticizing Farah, and briefly talked to him about it before I noticed that WorldNetDaily’s Chelsea Schilling was already talking to him, holding up a voice recorder. I backed up to allow her to continue her interview, which consisted of questions on why Breitbart didn’t think Obama’s citizenship was a legitimate issue.

“It’s self-indulgent, it’s narcissistic, it’s a losing issue,” Breitbart told Schilling. “It’s a losing situation. If you don’t have the frigging evidence — raising the question? You can do that to Republicans all day long. You have to disprove that you’re a racist! Forcing them to disprove something is a nightmare.”

“Wouldn’t you say,” asked Schilling, “in this case, that Farah is asking Obama to prove something rather than his disprove it?”

Breitbart rejected the premise. “When has a president ever been asked to prove his citizenship?”

Birthers are insane and need to disappear from the rolls of the Tea Party in order for it to remain legitimate.  Plain and simple.  The Tea Party movement is successful because it’s demanding that politicians abide by conservative ideals, not by pushing insane conspiracy theories.

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