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Yes, America IS governable

We just need leaders who are willing to govern. 

Jay Cost points out which political party has actually had control in Washington over the last year:

From Arlen Specter’s defection to Scott Brown’s swearing in, Democrats had total control over the policy-making process. The only recourse the Republicans had was the First Amendment. They used it well, but don’t let it be said that the President lacked access to it. Given Mr. Obama’s bully pulpit and his omnipresence on the national stage, his voice has been louder than anybody’s. If Mr. Obama has lost the public debate to the beleaguered rump that is the congressional GOP, he has nobody to blame but himself

The left rarely admits to its own failures.  Even now, there is wailing about who is to blame for the failure of every item on the progressive agenda—even while it’s the Democrats who are in charge.  Take your pick of foils:  Republicans, lobbyists, Blue Dogs, Senate procedures. 

But it’s not for lack of trying either.  Every leader needs an appealing message.  And the message coming from Democrats is not one that the American people want to hear. 

It’s almost laughable that the “rump” party is leading the majority party around by the nose.  It’s as if the Republicans never lost their majority status.

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