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NV-Sen: Tea Party “candidate” running against Reid

This may not turn out so good:

Sun columnist Jon Ralston is reporting that the Tea Party has qualified as a third party in Nevada and will have a candidate in the Senate race to battle for the seat held by Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The party has filed a Certificate of Existence but needs to get 1 percent of the electorate to vote for its candidate in November to permanently qualify, according to the report.

Ralston reported that Jon Ashjian will be the Tea Party’s U.S. Senate candidate on the November ballot.


According to the party’s constitution, the Tea Party of Nevada will “promote this nation’s founding principles of freedom, liberty and a small representative government. We believe that our government under both Democrat and Republican control has led to massive national debt, crushing deficits, increased taxes; while establishing a large and powerful federal government in a direct refutation of the founding ideals of America.”

Am I completely out of left field if I think that this will hurt the Republican party’s chances to defeat Reid?  I see a split Republican base with the tea party candidate siphoning off votes, giving an already deflated Reid the win here.  Polls have put him below that critical 50% level, so winning against a split Republican party may not be so crazy. 

To be fair, some blame goes to the RNC, which has failed to find and support a strong candidate in Nevada to take advantage of Reid’s weak position.  Contrast that to what’s going on in Florida, where Rubio has been pounding away at Charlie Crist for almost a year—with relatively no party support.  But I digress.

The concerns I’ve been having about the Tea Party are growing every day.  Lately, we’ve seen Democrats wanting to run on the tea party platform and now in Nevada, the Tea Party running on its own.

The perception in the media is that Tea Party Nation is a Republican phenomenon.  This is a fair assumption, but it remains to be seen if it continues that way in that it might one day actually hurt them.

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