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Rubio at CPAC 2010

Marco Rubio’s CPAC speech last week blew me away. 

I just got around to listening to the whole thing and I have to say that in a party that’s experiencing a dearth of conservative leadership, Marco Rubio should have an easy path to being one the future leaders of the Republican party.

Read the transcript.  Read it again.  And again.

The speech was great—he hit all the right notes and held back no punches.  In less than a half an hour he tried to clear the blurred lines between conservatism and a lackadaisical Republican establishment, stuck it to his primary challenger Charlie Crist, and ripped the radical Obama/Democrat agenda to shreds.  It was fun.

If you consider yourself a conservative and/or a Republican and weren’t amazed by this man speaking, then you might have to re-evaluate your political priorities.

But the lifeblood of modern political campaigns is still money, and although Rubio has been catching up to Crist in that department, he’s still lagging.  A moneybomb two weeks ago helped the Rubio campaign raise almost $1 million, and every bit helps. 

Marco Rubio For Senate

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