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DOJ clears Bush lawyers

They told me if Barack Obama became President, that justice and the rule of law would be “resurrected” in the United States.

I guess they were right:

Bush administration lawyers who wrote memos that paved the way for waterboarding of terrorism suspects and other harsh interrogation tactics “exercised poor judgment” but will not face discipline for their actions, according to long-awaited Justice Department documents released Friday.

The decision represents the end of a five-year internal battle and flatly rejects recommendations by the department’s ethics investigators. They had twice urged that allegations against John C. Yoo and Jay S. Bybee be sent to state disciplinary authorities for further action, including the possible revocation of their licenses to practice law.


But the evidence gathered by the investigators, who spent five years on the issues, did not persuade Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis, a senior career attorney who acknowledged that the allegations at times presented a “close question.” He described the episode as “an unfortunate chapter in the history” of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, where Yoo and Bybee had worked.


But Margolis concluded that despite significant flaws in the documents, the memo authors did not intentionally violate ethics rules. Instead, he said, they were struggling to prevent another terrorist strike on U.S. soil. Margolis also pointed out that the legal issues were far from a close call: OPR investigators repeatedly shifted their own views and analysis in the course of multiple drafts.

The Democratic chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary committees immediately scheduled hearings on the investigative report.

It really isn’t a shock that Democrats are calling hearings.  They were going to stick it to the Bush administration one way or another.  Democrats have always had it in for the Bush administration for “war crimes”, whether they were real or imaginary.

Holding  hearings will satiate their collective wet dream about parading Bush-era officials before their committees while pretending to admonish  admonishing them.  And with the  DOJ report slapping Yoo and Bybee on the wrist, and acknowledging no wrong-doing, the majority party holding hearings will look real petty.   But then again, they are Democrats.

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