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A bit premature on Scott Brown

This kind of chatter from the think tanks may keep the commentariat humming, but I don’t see how it benefits the Republican party.

Scott Brown pulled off one of the biggest political upsets in modern memory and he deserves all the credit in the world for that.

But I’d like to see some results as a legislator before there is any talk of running for President:

Conservative political observers say the excitement around Brown could dim the lights on the other ambitious Massachusetts Republican. Romney, the state’s former governor and a 2008 presidential contender, is widely considered a GOP front-runner in 2012.

“It would be a huge problem,” said Brian Darling, director of Senate relations at the conservative Heritage Foundation, who expressed skepticism that Brown would run for president in 2012.

“You’re talking about a similar base of support between Brown and Romney,” Darling said. “If Brown were to run and capitalize [on] new rock-star status in the conservative movement, it would clearly be a problem for Romney.”

This could just be confirmation of what I’ve long believed, that there is a serious drought of ready candidates to carry the Republican standard in the next presidential election, and a sobering reminder that the GOP is not even two years removed from John McCain as the answer to their prayers.

I’d like to see how Scott Brown fares as a legislator before throwing him into the pool of potential candidates.  Too many times I’ve seen politicians run as conservatives only to water down the conservative brand while actually in office.  That is not to say he won’t actually govern as a conservative—but I’d want to see some steak with the sizzle.

Or even just to get some experience under his belt.  This is why I think Sarah Palin made a critical error in resigning from the governorship in Alaska.  That she resigned in the middle of her first term, with a strong approval numbers and apparently doing well for her state, leaving at she did last summer just smelled of opportunism.

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