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Celebrity Fatigue

Kurt Schlichter asks if celebrity status has jumped the shark:

Somewhere over the last 25 years, the idea of what constitutes a “celebrity” changed from a person with some kind of history of achievement to pretty much anyone with a pulse who manages to get his, her or its mug splashed across a TV screen. Actually, as the wailing and gnashing of teeth surrounding the death of Michael Jackson demonstrated last year, the pulse is now optional.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the ridiculous, cynical remake of “We are the World,” an exercise that according to news accounts seemed less focused on assisting the people of Haiti than on stroking the egos of the pseudo-stars and future nobodies who did the yodeling.


The point is that in 25 years the concept of celebrity has degenerated into parody. Borderline cretins with fake boobs and bulging wallets wander the streets of Los Angeles pursued by hordes of shutter-clicking parasites in self-reinforcing cycle of publicity whetting the appetite for more publicity.


The original “We are the World” was an event; this one is a mere occurrence. And the reasons are not hard to see. We have celebrities who do not deserve celebration. We have a public grown weary of the shameless antics and craven pandering of the celebrity culture. Who actually believes that most of the participants want anything more from this recording session than a close-up on Entertainment Tonight before they slink back across to the far side of the velvet rope?

Or perhaps this really isn’t a just another ploy designed to feed the fame machine.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  

Everything Schlicter says here is spot on accurate, and you should read the whole post.

Hollywood cerca 2010 is a cesspool of crap (this is purposefully redundant).   Celebrity status has been irrelevant for the better part of the last 10 years or so, maybe longer.

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