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More waste at the RNC

Michael Steele runs a tight ship over at the RNC, a real no-nonsense operation:

Rob Bickhart, the Republican National Committee official behind the embarrassing fundraising presentation reported this week byPOLITICO, has been paid at least $370,000 since last June by the RNC in salary and consulting fees.

The size of Bickhart’s compensation has been the talk of Republican fundraising circles for months, and a source of displeasure among some RNC donors who have been generally unhappy with what they see as the RNC’s lavish spending. One complained to POLITICO that Bickhart earns “more than the President of the United States.”

Between Bickhart’s salary – he is on pace to earn a little more than $196,000 annually – and his consulting fees – which tallied $240,000 in the second half of last year alone – it appears Bickhart could receive north of $500,000 per year from the RNC.

Randy Pullen, the RNC’s treasurer and chairman of the Arizona Republican Party said Bickhart’s consulting fees – paid through a firm Bickhart started a week after accepting the RNC job – were unusual, and said he thought the RNC finance director should be paid as a full-time employee and not as a consultant.

That the Steele-led RNC loves to waste money is no surprise.  But there’s something else:

One informed Republican said Bickhart was able to command such a salary — equivalent to what he’d made as a private lobbyist and fundraiser — because RNC chairman Michael Steele, embattled from the beginning of his tenure, was finding it difficult to hire experienced fundraising staff.

Isn’t one of the main functions of the RNC and, by extension it’s chairman, to be able to raise money for the party?  And in order to do so, the chairman needs to have the network and the contacts to make it happen?

The spendthrift ways of Steele are not a surprise, at least not to anyone paying attention.

But beyond that, this nonsense just confirms that Steele is completely incompetent for this position.  He can’t handle money.  He can’t find the right people for the basic functions of the party.  What purpose does he serve other than as fodder for people who want reasons to point and laugh at the RNC?

Like I’ve been saying—keep your money away from the national party.  Donate to the conservative candidates you support individually.

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