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The Who’s Your Daddy stimulus plan

In trying to help the struggling town of Moraine, Ohio, the Obama administration doesn’t bring incentives for job growth.  Instead it sends a political emissary reminding them simply: “Who’s your daddy?”

In the weeks between Barack Obama’s election and his inauguration, General Motors closed the last big factory in Moraine, a four-million-square-foot plant that churned out S.U.V.’s.

The president never sought to reopen the factory, even after the federal government became controlling shareholder in G.M. during the auto bailout. What he has done instead is try to ease some of the pain by sending an ambassador as a salve for the community’s wounds.

The ambassador, Edward B. Montgomery, executive director of the White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers, has made 23 trips so far to troubled cities like Moraine. In lightning forays, he flies out of Washington in the morning, offers hope and aid, and returns to the capital in the evening. He concedes that he is not bringing jobs, but acting as a facilitator to help pummeled communities gain access to various government funds.

During that visit, he told a gathering of local and state officials, “there may be some nontraditional, untapped sources of federal funds that we can help you tap.” He travels with an entourage of a dozen top officers from federal agencies, each with money to offer and an explanation of how to tap the funds.

“We are a means of coordinating across the agencies,” Mr. Montgomery explained, “and improving access to funding.”

On his travels he has helped to channel millions of dollars from the stimulus package and other government pools. He does not know, he says, just how many millions. At many of the stops, particularly in Ohio, which went for George W. Bush in 2004 and just barely for Obama in the last presidential election, there is an implicit political message in this largess.

It goes something like this: Stick with the president and the Democratic Party, and while we cannot bring back mass production with its large-scale employment, we can help you in the transition to other sources of income and jobs.

The stimulus package has failed to generate jobs to most areas of the country, let alone those hardest hit like towns that are dependent on an American manufacturing sector that is fading fast. 

The administration is not providing the economic incentives required to revitalize the economy, namely across the board tax cuts for business.

Instead, they’re sending political bureaucrats whose only expertise is wading through the red tape necessary to tap Federal funds.  Funds which apparently, are being used to bribe for Democratic votes.

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