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TX-Gov: Perry leading by 6

The first poll on the Texas gubernatorial race is out:

The first poll of the November general-election race between Rick Perry and Bill White shows the Republican governor with a 6-point lead over his Democratic challenger, supporting predictions that the Texas gubernatorial battle will be one of the most competitive in years.

Perry led White 49 to 43 percent in the latest Ramussen Reports survey of likely Texas voters. Three percent of respondents prefer some other candidate, and 6 percent are undecided.

Keep in mind that White won the Democratic primary with 75% of the vote vs Perry’s 51% of the Republican primary vs popular Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Debra Medina, truther and Tea Partier.

For what it’s worth, the article also notes that Charlie Cook has switched the race from “lean Republican” to “toss-up”

Jim Geraghty:

Perry won his last two gubernatorial races by 10 percentage points and 18 percentage points, and before him, George W. Bush won by 7 percentage points and 37 percentage points, so “the most competitive gubernatorial battle in years” isn’t exactly the highest bar to clear.

Why am I getting an uneasy feeling about this race?  I’m not sure.

In an election year where Republicans are supposed to run rampant all over the electoral map, six percentage points seems to be a little lean, especially for a red state like Texas.  Are Democrats more engaged and united behind White than Republicans are for Perry?

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