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Senate Democrats held a news conference today on healthcare reform and I didn’t get to hear any of it.   Reading up on the conference on the internet, it wasn’t so much what I heard about it that drove me nuts, but what I saw:

More shameless photos at the link.

Are the Democrats so desperate to ram healthcare through that they’re willing to debase themselves so much by trotting out the sick to prove their point?

You can see the smugness and arrogance in their forced concern and fake empathy.  What a bunch of classless douchebags these Senators are—Durbin, Schumer, Reid and all the rest.  Scum.

This charade was disgusting and an embarrassment to the US Congress, the Democratic party and the country as a whole.

UPDATE. “Harry Reid hides behind 11-year-old kiddie shield Marcelas Owens”

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