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Liberals want their legacy

This post by Matt Yglesias sums up the mindset of the Democratic leadership with regards to healthcare reform as of right now.

It’s a given that these extremist Democrats are fully aware and acknowledge that they will be losing seats in November.  Of course, it remains to be seen if this is accurate.  As of now, it’s an assumption of mine.

The notion goes that if they fall on their collective swords now for the sake of encroaching liberal statism, then President Obama a will live on in the hallowed annals of progressive history for centuries:

Members of congress who helped him do that will have a place in history. Nobody’s going to be very interested in a story like “Mike Ross served a bunch of years in Congress and people were impressed with his ability to win a relatively conservative district; he didn’t achieve very much and one day he wasn’t in Congress anymore.”

If Mike Ross and others had the “ability to win” their respective district, it would imply that his constituents are happy with his stewardship and feel that their priorities are being met.  Apparently liberals have issues with that concept.

Funny, I thought that’s what elected representatives were elected to do–represent their constituents.   Not trying to cement a President’s political legacy.

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