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AR-Sen: New Lincoln ad attacks unions

The Lincoln campaign can’t be any more clear about separating its candidate from the lunatics running the Democratic party in DC right now.

First, there was the ad trashing the Democratic party platform.  Now, her campaign goes after the lifeblood of the Democratic party–the unions:

Actually, the clip was a response to Bill Halter’s ad accusing Lincoln of being tied to special interests in Washington.  Lincoln’s campaign is being really aggressive in distancing itself from the face of the Democratic party.  So toxic is their agenda that she needs to run as a centrist.

But of course, Halter is more of an “insider” then he cares to let on:

National unions have pledged $4M for independent expenditure campaigns against Lincoln and for Halter. Lincoln has said she opposes the Employee Free Choice Act, and her concern over health care drove unions and progressive groups into Halter’s arms.

It’s hard to run as an “outsider” when you’re taking money from national labor unions.  But facts never get in the way of left-wing talking points.  Halter is now the darling of the radical left because Lincoln dares to oppose the labor union agenda and nationalizing healthcare.

This is real interesting, considering the alleged anti-incumbent mood of the electorate that the MSM keeps talking about.  Or is it anti-Democrat?  The Arkansas Senate race should be a good barometer of which way the winds are really blowing.

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