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Chris Christie unleashed

Governor Chris Christie is pulling no punches in what’s shaping up to be an epic battle between fiscal sanity and the obstinate teachers union. 

As I wrote earlier this week, conservatives nationwide should be paying attention to how the governor is calling out the teachers union and isn’t buying into their sob stories and their constant self-victimization.

Yesterday, Christie landed another jab:

Christie said teachers could avoid layoffs if they reopen their contracts, take pay freezes and pay 1.5 percent of their salary toward their health care. He said students should ask their teachers why they are unwilling to do that.

“They should ask their teachers, if they want to teach free thinking, why they’re in the throes of the dicta from their union, rather than resorting to common sense,” he said. “This is where they abuse their position of trust. Those are our children in that classroom. To be inundated with that type of propaganda – self-serving, self-interested, greedy propaganda – is reprehensible. And they know it.”

It’s so refreshing to see a Republican show some spine and not cave into the same, tired left-wing tactics.  Under the Corzine regime, when the teachers union yelled “Jump!”, the only answer from Trenton was, “How high?”. 

Christie apparently, doesn’t play by those rules.  He’s calling them out for the hypocrites that they are, and provided he himself doesn’t cave, the citizens of New Jersey will be much better off.

UPDATE.  The Washington Times picks up on the Christie story:

Most contentious have been his attacks on teachers and public-sector unions, which are getting a 7 percent pay raise over two years but contribute little or nothing toward health care at a time when one in 10 New Jerseyans are out of work. This week, the governor called on all public school employees to agree to salary freezes for the coming year and to contribute to their health insurance.

Mr. Christie’s budget proposal calls for laying off 1,300 public employees and looks to save $50 million by privatizing some state services.

“The leaders of the union who represent these teachers have used their political muscle to set up two classes of citizens in New Jersey: those who enjoy rich public benefits and those who pay for them,” he said in his budget address last week.

Here in New Jersey, the Christie/public union fight is all we’re hearing about on our local television and radio news.  Jersey is still deep blue, but that voters put Christie into office speaks volumes.  And I hate to rehash the election of 2009, but Christie picked up support in blue precincts and counties, especially in middle class areas, like along the Middlesex County corridor. 

Long story short, this is not a fluke.  Christie is doing exactly what the tax-weary electorate voted him in for.  The teachers union can stuff it!  

I can’t repeat it enough–this story should be getting national attention from conservatives and the Republican party.

[Via Hot Air Headlines]

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