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Leslie Buck has passed on.  Who is Leslie Buck? 

He designed this:

If you’ve never spent some time in New York City you probably couldn’t care less.  Having went to school and worked in NYC for over a decade (before the place was taken over by Starbucks), this cup said “New York City” just as much as Central Park or Wall Street or the subway, or anything else really.  In my humble opinion, of course.


FL-Sen: Charlie Crist, what a maroon

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He ditches the Republican party and decides to run as an Independent for Florida’s Senate seat in November. 

I’m in complete agreement with Jay Cost.  This is a career killer:

Ask people you know in life and they’ll complain about politicians who are only out for themselves, who aren’t looking out for the interests of the people. And now here comes good old Charlie Crist, who just a few weeks ago swore off an Independent run. This is a dishonest and nakedly self-interested move, and voters are fed up with this kind of behavior. The only compelling motivation that Charlie Crist has to run as an Independent is so that Charlie Crist can stay in elective office.


I know why Crist is doing this. He’s not on the ballot for governor this year, and he doesn’t want to lose his seat at the table. Yet this is not going to work. And it will end his political career for good.

The alternative would be to bow out gracefully, heartily endorse Marco Rubio, campaign like the dickens for him in the fall, and wait for the next opening in Florida politics.

Instead, he is about to piss off every Republican in the country, and he’s not going to win over the affections of the Democrats, who clearly sense an opportunity to get one of their own into the seat.

Stupid, stupid move.

Wannabe populist President’s friends are all millionaires

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Finally, we have a President who understands the average American:

When President Barack Obama moved into the White House earlier this year, he took several of his fellow Chicago millionaires with him.

Newly released disclosure reports show virtually all of the top Chicagoans serving in the West Wing had assets valued at a million dollars or more at the end of 2008.

In several cases, the reports provide the first detailed look at the finances of some of the president’s top aides and friends from Chicago who have risen with him. They also show the salary haircut many have taken to be in the White House, at least until they return to the private sector.

Have the President and his cronies made “enough money”?  Probably not.  Sky’s the limit for them.

But for us rubes, we shouldn’t be so fracking greedy.  Hypocrites.

And here’s an interesting bit from the same article:

Obama’s personal wealth soared in the past decade. His annual household income fluctuated in the range of about $250,000 during the first half of this decade, before his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004 and millions in book royalties and advances that started rolling in during 2005.

Apparently the Bush years weren’t so bad after all.  But that doesn’t fit into the President’s “I’m here to rescue you from the economic devastation of the last eight years” narrative.   

Again.  Hypocrites.

The GOP can’t quit Newt

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I noticed that PPP has added Newt in their polling for the 2012 GOP nomination:

For our look ahead to the 2012 Presidential race in Arizona this week we added Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul to go along with our usual choices of Mitt Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney. And although we’ll certainly need to see polling from more states to confirm a trend, the numbers suggest a Gingrich candidacy could hurt Palin’s prospects.


Palin and Gingrich both have a unique appeal to the most partisan of Republican voters, but it may be that they see Gingrich as a more substantive and ‘Presidential’ candidate. They could end up competing for the same pool of GOP partisans, and if they both run it may prove to be a good thing for Romney.

Prospects for the 2010 are certainly high, but I’m not too confident about the race for the White House in 2012.

I’m increasingly becoming of the opinion that as conservatives, we are better off if Governor Palin wouldn’t run for President in 2012, not so much because I’m not 100% sure that she could win, but her contributions to the cause are better suited for other uses–like at the RNC, for example.  Building up the base, lining up donors, etc.

And about Newt.  I’m under no misconception that Newt will not make a run for the nomination in 2012.   By all means he will.  If the climate for Democrats continues as toxic as it is right now, if all of the momentum that we’re seeing from grassroots conservatives keeps up into the end of the year, then you can take it to the bank—Newt will be throwing his hat into the ring.

That won’t be a good thing neither for the Republican party or conservatism.

Americans are not stupid.  We’ve seen this movie before.  Newt would be bad news.  The Republican party needs to move forward and cultivate younger talent, some new faces.  Newt is not the way to do that and the Republican party deserves what it gets if it nominates the former Speaker for 2012.

[Via PPP’s Twitter feed]

Brown and Obama

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This should put the final nail in Gordon Brown’s political coffin with a week to go before the UK’s election:

Gordon Brown prostrated himself as a “penitent sinner” yesterday after a brush with a voter triggered a calamitous chain of events that threatened to derail Labour on the eve of tonight’s pivotal TV debate.

The Prime Minister spent an unscheduled 45 minutes inside the terraced house of Gillian Duffy apologising to the Labour-supporting widow for insulting her behind her back.

His muttered description of her as a “bigoted woman”, picked up by a microphone as he drove off from their combative but apparently friendly encounter, plunged Labour’s high command into its most serious crisis of the campaign.

Brown heard the recording of his comments during an appearance on a radio station.  The video of that is here, because his reaction to the comments is priceless:

He just knows he’s screwed.  Here’s a clue–when running for political office, don’t insult little old ladies.

More importantly, Brown’s comments were made in response to Ms. Duffy expressing concern about illegal immigration from Eastern Europe into the UK, and now Gillian Duffy is a national figure.

My reaction to all of this is nothing new, just that Gordon Brown is your typically egotistical and arrogant politician who doesn’t understand and probably will never understand why the dirty rubes just don’t get his elitist and utopian point of view.  This arrogance transcends political allegiances and is found on all sides of the political spectrum.  Brown has apologized to Ms. Duffy, but really, he’s not sorry.  He made these comments without any hesitation.  This is how he thinks.

Ironically, last week’s passage of Arizona’s new immigration law (SB 1170) has made illegal immigration an issue in th e US as well, and when I read what happened with Gordon Brown, it got me thinking about our leader.

Given what we know about him, his past associations, his leftist ideology and his elitism, does anyone really believe that President Obama thinks differently from Gordon Brown?  He’s given clues with his comments after the law was passed (with 70% of Arizonans voting for its passage), suggesting that our fellow American citizens were “misguided”, which is just code for “you ignorant rubes are so racist”.  Everything is for political expediency.  In that sense there’s really no difference between career politicians whether they’re here in the states or across the pond.

About that healthcare bounce for Democrats

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Health care’s passage did not produce even a point rise in the president’s approval rating or affection for the Democratic Congress. Virtually every key tracking measure in April’s poll has remained unchanged, including the Democrats’ continued weakness on handling of the economy.


With independents even more conservative and Republican-leaning in this survey, the congressional battle in 2010 looks like a dead-heat at best – a 12-point swing in this poll from 2008.

Yeah, we Americans really love us some healthcare reform.

Democrats have their work cut out for them over the next few months.  You can sense the desperation as they  try to regain the narrative as they bogusly (?) push for bogus financial reform.  They need something–anything–in their holster to be able to point at during the campaign and yell, “See? Look what we did!  We did something!”

Never mind that most prominent Democrats, especially those who were active in shaping and passing healthcare reform, are essentially keeping mum about passing it at all.

And Republicans better not get complacent here.  Polls are just that–polls.  They can and will change and there’s still six months left until the election, which is an eternity in politics.   They need to stay on the offensive and maintain the narrative.  Keep reminding people that Democrats have more or less been in control of DC for almost four years now.  Simple majorities are not enough to repeal healthcare reform.  Large majorities are needed in 2010, bolstering those majorities in 2012 and taking back the White House.  That’s a very tall order.

[Via Ben Smith]

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I needed a bit of a pick-me-up today, a tiramisu if you will.

This will do:

Via Nice Deb

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Apple has been around a while

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Went to my parent’s house this past weekend.  I was rummaging through some of the junk I’ve accumulated over the years, some of which I’ve had for close to 25 years, and housed it all in as many boxes as I could lay my hands on as I grew older.

I happened to come across this box:

Yes, I admit it—I owned an Apple IIe.  The system itself is long gone, and the box is currently being used to store many many books.  And this was just the box just for the monitor.

As you can tell my by the print, the monitor was monochromatic–a black background with bright green text.  That’s it.  Almost 30 years later, it’s easy to mock and scorn this collection of hardware, but to me I will always recall using the Apple IIe as a great experience.

P.S.  I owned a Commodore VIC-20 before the Apple.

Off to Citifield

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Bought tickets for today’s game last week, which is good because last week the Mets looked more like a Triple A team than a MLB club. 

The Mets have been on somewhat of a roll this week, taking 3 of 4 from the Cubs at home this week, and really impressed me with last night’s performance against Larry Jones and the Braves in the series opener.   Remarkably, the Mets pitching held Justin Heyward to 0-4 with 3 strike-outs. 

As I’ll be there for the 1 pm game, I’m sure Heyward will make up for yesterday by hitting for the cycle, or maybe a grand slam or two. 

More importantly, it’s supposed to be a beautiful spring day here in the Tri-State area….perfect baseball weather.

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Hoyer: No, we haven’t created many jobs, but the economy’s still great

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If passing Obamacare was such a great leap forward for the country, you’d think Democrats would be screaming about it from the rooftops instead of, you know, admitting how much they suck on every other issue like, oh I dunno….jobs:

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer gave a gloomy assessment of his party’s prospects at a media breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor this week.

When reminded that political handicapper Charlie Cook is predicting a loss of 30 to 40 seats and perhaps more for House Democrats this fall, Mr. Hoyer didn’t push back. “It’s an accurate view of what the polls reflect right now. Yes. I have great respect for Charlie Cook.” Democrats would lose control of the House if they drop 40 seats.

Mr. Hoyer went on to say he believes a strong Democratic campaign can still save a House majority for his party. He said a bleak job picture is blinding voters to improvements in the economy in other areas.


This has to be a head fake or something.  The Dems can’t be that dumb, can they?

Here you have the majority leader all but admitting that the $800 billion stimulus was a bust.  The one thing that the stimulus was meant to create was jobs, and he’s all but acknowledged that the job outlook is in dire straits.  But it’s all good, there’s “improvement” in “other areas”

And wasn’t it just about a month ago that top  Democrats like  Senator Chucky Schumer were saying how great it would be for Democrats in November when voters realize that they passed healthcare reform?  And how screwed Republicans were in those elections?

Yeah, about that.