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Gallup: GOP gaining advantage post-healthcare vote

Clearly, Gallup must be some sort of racist polling outfit:

Turns out the Democratic Congress’ passage of the Democratic healthcare legislation signed last week by Democratic President Obama is so wildly popular that a new Gallup Poll finds for the first time this survey cycle registered American voters now prefer that a Republican represent their district.

The new survey of the generic congressional ballot, taken after the massive healthcare bill’s partisan votes last month and just released overnight, finds 47% say they’d like a Republican representative and 44% prefer a Democrat.

According to Gallup’s interpretation, this new finding would indicate an even stronger GOP outcome if November’s midterm elections were held now because Republicans tend to vote at higher rates than members of the president’s party.

Given that these numbers are credible, my take is that Republicans will have the advantage only as much as they can frame the narrative through the summer—-that healthcare reform needs to be (eventually) repealed, that if Republicans take back the House and Senate (fingers crossed) then they will stop the appropriations funding for the legislation.

Also, Senate Republicans need to man up, grow a spine and take the bull by the horns.  I’m already hearing noise about them getting squishy.  No surprise there.

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