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Speaking of the iPad, I was able to play around with the device this weekend at my local Apple store (about a 10-person long line and a 5 minute wait to get in, and this was early Saturday afternoon in a suburban New Jersey shopping mall).

The iPad was preloaded with some apps to let customers kick the tires.  But what about the content apps?  Will Old Media content providers find a way to give consumers a decent product while not screwing them over on price?

Don’t bet on it:

[W]e have a set of pricing models that deliver marginal value for premium prices and show very little that differentiate themselves from the web experience, although they expect to charge more. These pricing models are based on a sense of entitlement to set pricing as it was in the days of print. I won’t even call them strategies because they lack any kind of realistic strategic thinking.


If any company thinks that the iPad will allow them to rebuild the monopoly rent pricing structure of the 20th Century, then you’ve really fallen prey to the Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, and you’ve blown yet another chance to build a credible digital business.


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