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NJEA robbing New Jersey taxpayers blind

The fight between taxpaying New Jersey families and the crooked interests of the NJEA, the state’s teachers union shows no sign of letting up.  Governor Christie is taking the battle very seriously, and is proving that he really means business when it comes to calling out the corrupt and wasteful union.

One of the excuses the union is using is that the governor is playing politics, that the union is standing up for middle class working teachers and has the interests of the New Jersey students at heart. 


The average New Jersey family has an annual income of approximately $77,875. 

How much do NJEA bosses make?

[NJEA] executive director Vincent Giordano received $421,615 in salary and $128,508 in deferred compensation and contributions to benefit plans, according to the filing.

Union officials say the pay represented a temporary, one-year spike for Giordano, a former middle school science and social studies teacher who joined the NJEA staff as a field representative in 1970. He is now paid $300,000.

Barbara Keshishian, the NJEA president, is currently paid $256,450. Vice president Wendell Steinhauer and secretary-treasurer Marie Blistan are paid $170,974 each, according to the union, which said the salaries are appropriate to the demands of a 24-hour job.

That means that the top four individual positions in the union average over $255,000 a year–about three times more than the average NJ family makes in a year.  Giordano himself makes almost six times more than the average family.  If he were to give up just half of his salary, he could pay union dues for almost 300 teachers in the state.  Or maybe even pay health benefits for some of them. 

The union really has some chutzpah.  Despite all the bellyaching and whining about playing politics, despite all the bitching about inequality and claiming to support middle class teachers, the bosses are making out like bandits.  At the least, they’re making out better than most middle class New Jersey families–the very people they are screwing over.

What the NJEA is doing to New Jersey taxpayers is nothing short of robbery.

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