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Iron Man 2

Here’s my take on comic-based movies.  I don’t like when they stray from the comic book storylines and motifs, if you will.  It’s why I enjoyed the first Spider Man–they stuck to the comic book script, making the proper adjustments from early 1960s Queens to 2001.

As for Iron Man, the movie was phenomenal.  Again, sticking to the comic book line, Pepper Potts, Rhodie, etc.  And I especially appreciated how the screenwriters made the transition from Iron Man’s Vietnam War-era origins into our modern-era Vietnam, Afghanistan.

Although I’m really looking forward to Iron Man 2, I tend to be skeptical of trailers.  The first was so successful, the inevitable train of bandwagon actors jawbone their way in–Samuel L. Jackson, for example, could put the whammy on this film.  And they could have done better than Don Cheadle as Rhodie.

The trailer looks great:

Even the NYC bus ads look awesome:

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