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Romney’s Obamacare problem

The road to the White House is a bit problematic for the creator of Masscare:

How do you run as the candidate of the party of repeal, when what you want to repeal is a federal version of your own signature initiative? Masscare may be to Romney in 2012 what abortion was in 2008—an issue where a critical mass of conservatives don’t quite buy his explanations […]

The best thing for Romney to say, I think, is that he flat-out made a mistake, that he tried an idea that ran off the rails. It would also have the advantage of being true. But he can’t bring himself to go there yet.

Lowry makes a fair point.  But Obamacare is likely to grow into a bigger hot button issue than it already is.  If that’s the case, I find it hard to see a situation where Romney can dodge this monster of his own creation, no matter how quickly he rips the band-aid off.  Methinks healthcare touches such a nerve with the Republican base that they won’t be willing to let him live it down.

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