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Me and the iPad

I’ve had a serious case of blogger’s block the past few days.  When I heard about Justice Stevens’ retirement the other day, it kind of sapped the political energy right out of me.  The last thing I want to see is a second consecutive summer of political fighting over a SCOTUS nominee. 

So for now, here are pictures I took of the iPad at my local Apple store:

This happened on April 3rd, the day the iPad was released.  Just for the record, my Apple store is in a suburban shopping mall, and it was about 1pm.   I wanted to see if there was any buzz here in the ‘burbs.  Sure enough, there was a small line of about 15 people waiting to get in the store.  I asked the girl at the door and she said the line was just to get in the store, not for buying an iPad.  The line moved quickly and we were in the store in about 10 minutes—the Apple people even handed out bottles of water.

At the moment, I’m sure I won’t have much use for an iPad right now, and my feelings were pretty much muted going into the store.  But I have to say it is a beautiful device–it’s sleek and not too big, but big enough.  With some 10 hours of battery time, I can see how it would eventually be useful around the house or on the road. 

Being a book person–as in actual books, no Kindles or Nooks–I wouldn’t appreciate the books application.  But again, having checked it out it really is impressive.

I”ve been back to see the iPad again this past weekend, and I think I enjoyed it more than I did initially.  I guess the more I see it, the more it will grow on me. 

There.  That’s the extent of my tech blogging.

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