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NJEA applauds author of Gov. Christie death memo…literally

Joe Coppola is the chairman of the Bergen County Education Association, and the architect of the Governor Christie death wish memo.

Apparently, he doesn’t think wishing the death of the chief executive of the  state is a big deal, and neither do his comrades:

Governor Christie wants him canned. Commentators in the national media have called him a moron.

And people won’t stop asking about his infamous memo for teachers union members that ended with a “prayer” wishing for the governor’s death.

“It’s history, it’s over,” said Joseph Coppola, the embattled Bergen County Education Association president who signed the memo. After it was made public by The Record a week ago, union officials apologized for the inappropriate “joke” that was meant to stay private. But Coppola said Thursday he felt trapped in repetitive days like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day.”

“At least I was able to turn that off,” he said.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Record in his Teaneck office, Coppola said he was worn out from fielding calls from radio and network television shows about the memo mess. While critics abound, he said he has the backing of educators — at a Cumberland County dinner for about 450 union members and legislators on Tuesday night, he got a standing ovation.

“The membership is very supportive,” Coppola said. “I go to bat for each and every one of them.”

A standing ovation? Very supportive?  Wow.

Keep in mind that these are the people who supposedly have the interest of New Jersey students at heart, that their primary goal is our children’s education.

Seems to me that they’re nothing but angry and bitter political hacks, with the selfish interests of the union members first and foremost in their minds.  Kids and New Jersey taxpayers come next, in no particular order.

But then again, most New Jersey residents realize that already.

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