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“Reality show stars cost less”

Why anyone would want to be within a 10 mile radius of hang out with Snooki, or anyone from the Jersey Shore reality show, or any reality tv series for that matter, is beyond me:

When George Fox landed America’s most famous guidette for his Jersey Shore party, he managed to score himself a deal, he says. “She was getting 2k plus expenses, which was cheap,” he explains, stretching the meaning of that word. “Seminole Hard Rock had just paid her 10k to host a “fist-pumping contest.”

One other difference between hiring a musical act and a fameseeking reality star: a certain amount of humiliation is part of the package. “We paid her for three hours but I actually had to ask her to leave after two hours,” Fox says. “She was sweating so hard on the dance floor that her spray tan bled on my girlfriend’s $300 Ed Hardy tank top.” He goes on to recount a conversation he supposedly had with Snooki while she was at the club:

George: Hey Snooks, can you do a couple back handsprings for us?

Snooki: I cant because I’m wearing a thong. Plus I’m on my period… and it’s really heavy today.

I really don’t know what’s more disturbing: Snooki or the people who want to be seen with her.  Seriously, if you need to hang with a pungent piece of trash to feel better about yourself then you have some serious issues.  Hell, at least Snooki’s getting paid.  What’s your excuse?

That people are paying enough attention to entice other people to pay these pieces of shite speaks volumes about our society.  Sure, people like seeing or being seen with celebrities, but this is basically scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The Chinese takeover is imminent.  We’re decaying from within.

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