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Nothing like it for Ike Davis

Baseball is great because of the myriad intricacies that make it the most unique of sports.   Being called up from the minors for your first shot in the bigs is one of those moments.

I’m sure Ike Davis felt the same way yesterday:

In the morning he left his apartment in Buffalo, took batting practice, figured he was going to bat clean-up for the Bisons against the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre Yankees. He was changing into his game uniform when he learned there was a slight change of plans.

“Get to the airport,” Ike Davis said he was told. “You’re going to New York.”

If he plays another 20 years, he may never hear nine more meaningful words in a baseball clubhouse. Before he could do anything, he called his mother, got her voicemail, called his father, Ron, the former Yankees pitcher.

“Congratulations,” Ron said after a few silent moments, when the words finally arrived in a rush. “You deserve everything you’ve got there. You’ve worked your behind off, and now your dream is coming true.”

[…] “Even if you only make it for a day, you’re a major leaguer. Anything after that is gravy.”

The afternoon was a blur for Ike Davis: leaving behind his new apartment, leaving behind his car, leaving behind his first paycheck, in his locker at Coca-Cola Stadium as he rushed to catch his US Airways flight from Buffalo-Niagara Airport to La Guardia. No worries, of course; the pay’s a bit better up here.

Davis went 2-4 last night with an RBI–better than Strawberry’s debut, better than Wright’s.  I was impressed with his plate presence.

In the long run, these things mean nothing.  But for a team that’s struggling out of the gate this season, it’s just about what they needed.  Hopefully.

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