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Governor Christie wins Round 1

It was a historic day here in the Garden State on Tuesday.  Middle-class voters all across the state made their voices heard behind one unmistakable message:  Stop the insanity in Trenton.

What’s been getting the most attention since January of course, has been the governor’s battle with the NJEA.  The only reason for that is that the union is the only party that has not agreed to any concessions.  Concessions that would help alleviate the hard times of working middle class families in Jersey.  The union would have none of that, of course, and now they are feeling the wrath of the average citizen.   All of this came to a head on Tuesday.

George Will has a good piece in today’s WaPo on the significance of all this, and is definitely worth a read.  He writes:

New Jersey’s governors are the nation’s strongest — American Caesars, really — who can veto line items and even rewrite legislative language. Christie is using his power to remind New Jersey that wealth goes where it is welcome and stays where it is well-treated. Prosperous states are practicing, at the expense of slow learners like New Jersey, “entrepreneurial federalism” — competing to have the most enticing business climate.

What we’re seeing here is a classic ideological case of collectivism vs individualism, of liberalism vs conservatism.  I’ve been making the point all along that conservatives and Republicans all across the country should be watching what Governor Christie has been doing to the mindless robots of the Left, and learn from his example.  This can be repeated over and over and over again, because in the end, individualism always wins out.

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