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NJ school district superintendent in FBI raid

The Toms River school district approved their budget in this week’s vote.  Superintendent Ritacco will soon have to find some new taxpayers to milk:

FBI agents this morning executed a search warrant at the offices of the Toms River Regional Board of Education and the home of School Superintendent Michael J. Ritacco in connection with a fraud and corruption investigation that may involve the district’s insurance contracts, sources said.


At least eight unmarked vehicles that appear to belong to FBI agents were at the 62-year-old Ritacco’s modern, three-story home on 11th Avenue in Seaside Park, where a black Mercedes E550 sat in the driveway. FBI agents photographed the interior and exterior of the car.

The home, with a fountain in the meticulously manicured front yard, is one house away from Ocean Avenue, which runs along the ocean. It is one of the few houses on the block with a lawn. It was purchased by Ritacco in 2004 for $882,000.

Wow.  A three-story house a block away from the beach? For nearly $900,000?  A Mercedes E550?  As recently as 2008, Superintendent Scumbag was making about $347,400–all of it on the backs of New Jersey taxpayers.

Doesn’t much sound like the funding-starved public school employees we’ve been hearing about in Jersey the past couple of months does it?   Did I mention that he also has an arena named after him?  

So much corruption, so much waste, so much crap.  No wonder why New Jersey is finally starting to stand up to the nonsense.

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