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The Obama/Goldman Sachs White House

Just look away, nothing to see here:

While Goldman Sachs’ lawyers negotiated with the Securities and Exchange Commission over potentially explosive civil fraud charges, Goldman’s chief executive visited the White House at least four times.

White House logs show that Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein traveled to Washington for at least two events with President Barack Obama, whose 2008 presidential campaign received $994,795 in donations from Goldman’s political action committee, its employees and their relatives. He also met twice with Obama’s top economic adviser, Larry Summers.


Meanwhile, however, Goldman is retaining former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig as a member of its legal team.


Several former Goldman executives hold senior positions in the Obama administration, including Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Mark Patterson, a former Goldman lobbyist who is chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; and Robert Hormats, the undersecretary of state for economic, energy and agricultural affairs.

One can only imagine the uproar if the Bush administration had such extensive connections and ties, both financially and familiarly, with companies like Enron or Worldcom back in the  day.  Sure, Bush had ties to Enron’s Kenneth Lay, but not nearly to the extent that this administration has.  And even then, the media outcry and the left were furious.  Where’s the anger now?  Hypocrites.

Like I’ve said earlier, the SEC coming down on Goldman Sachs was purely political and corrupt–the administration is using various arms of the government for political gain.  Just disgusting.

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