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Wannabe populist President’s friends are all millionaires

Finally, we have a President who understands the average American:

When President Barack Obama moved into the White House earlier this year, he took several of his fellow Chicago millionaires with him.

Newly released disclosure reports show virtually all of the top Chicagoans serving in the West Wing had assets valued at a million dollars or more at the end of 2008.

In several cases, the reports provide the first detailed look at the finances of some of the president’s top aides and friends from Chicago who have risen with him. They also show the salary haircut many have taken to be in the White House, at least until they return to the private sector.

Have the President and his cronies made “enough money”?  Probably not.  Sky’s the limit for them.

But for us rubes, we shouldn’t be so fracking greedy.  Hypocrites.

And here’s an interesting bit from the same article:

Obama’s personal wealth soared in the past decade. His annual household income fluctuated in the range of about $250,000 during the first half of this decade, before his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004 and millions in book royalties and advances that started rolling in during 2005.

Apparently the Bush years weren’t so bad after all.  But that doesn’t fit into the President’s “I’m here to rescue you from the economic devastation of the last eight years” narrative.   

Again.  Hypocrites.

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