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Elections, shmelections—tomorrow’s primaries and special elections mean nothing

Our national media is on the case to explain why tomorrow’s primary results should be ignored.

Newsweek leads the charge with this horrible piece from its blog.  Read it at your own peril, you could lose some grey matter. 

The money quote:

Despite recent GDP growth, job gains, and stock-market rallies, whatever economic recovery we’re currently supposed to be experiencing hasn’t really trickled down to Main Street.

Most ordinary Americans are still stuck in the Great Recession—still struggling to find work, still tightening their belts, still worried about paying the bills. And so, as poll after poll has shown, they are angry, agitated, and restless.

See, everything is going great.  The economy’s booming, companies are the government is hiring, the stock market is breathing life into our 401(k) accounts, the birds are chirping, etc.  So why are we rubes so pissed off?  

Well, according to the geniuses at Newsweek, we’re so agitated and angry because we don’t understand that the wonderful trickle down effects of liberal utopianism take forever to um….trickle down.  Dumb rubes! 

So the results of tomorrow’s primaries and elections are irrelevant, because we’re too dumb to know how to vote and what to expect from our benevolent Democrat overlords.

Expect to see more of this preemptive sore loser crap from our media into tomorrow.


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