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Republicans take note

Congratulations to Rand Paul for winning the Republican primary for Kentucky’s senate seat this week.   I will admit I wasn’t paying much attention to this particular race, and have been more or less indifferent to Paul as a candidate.

But he made some noise with some comments he made after his victory, which made me happy:

Dr. Rand Paul, the Tea Party darling who convincingly won Kentucky’s Republican Senate primary Tuesday, has a message for his Democratic foes: “Please, please bring President Obama.”

Paul triumphed over Secretary of State Trey Grayson, the GOP establishment candidate, with nearly 60 percent of the vote and said opposition in the state to President Obama gives him an excellent chance in the fall.

“President Obama’s less popular in our state than he’s ever been. And he never was very popular in Kentucky,” he said Wednesday on CBS’ “The Early Show”.

His words are directed at the Democratic party but it’s also a jab at the President, one I don’t think our narcisstic Commander-In-Chief is taking very lightly. 

If Obama and his cadre want to use the Alinsky rules of political combat, his opponents should feel free to do the same.  One of the rules is to use the weapon of ridicule, which “infuriates your opponent” and causes him to act irrational.  This is essentially what Rand Paul did with his comments. 

Sure he will earn the hatred of the liberal blogs and the media, but they would have hated him either way.  It’s time the Republicans start following his lead and push back to the media infrastructure built up against them.

  1. codecrackx15
    May 20, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    Now if only the GOP would see that the Paul’s (Ron and Rand) are really what the Republican voters want then we may be getting somewhere!!!!

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