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Governor Chrisite strikes again

Earlier this week, this video made the rounds and shows Governor Christie at his best.

Rita Wilson is a public school teacher and decides to go on about how she doesn’t teach for the money and that based upon her class size, she should be making around $83,000. 

Watch the governor’s response:

Turns out Ms. Wilson actually makes $86,000 and, as I’ve noted before, the average NJ family makes $77,875 a year.  So Ms. Wilson, for all her complaining, makes about 94% of what the average family makes annually.

Two things to take from this:

First, just when I think Governor Christie can’t get any better he always manages to surprise.  If anything, it’s a relief to see a politician not only refuse to take any crap from special interests, but also speak straightforward and not in political legalese.  Usually, an official would listen to Ms. Wilson’s complaining and tried to assuage or soothe, which is usually the point at which politicians fail, because they’re not being honest. 

One of the things we hear from the teachers is that they never became a teacher for the money.  But yet every time they open their mouth they’re bitching about–money.  So kudos to the governor for the brutal honesty.

Lastly, tip your hat to Red State for picking up on Ms. Wilson’s actual salary.  Teachers salaries are a matter of public record.  Would it have hurt the Star LEdger or the Record or any of the local papers to look this up and try to find the facts rather than let Wilson’s lies go unaccounted for, especially after she tried to stick it to the governor? 

I guess so.

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