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AR-Sen: Bubba the big gun

Things are getting testy in the Arkansas Democratic primary:

Former President Bill Clinton returned to his home state Friday to help a beleaguered ally and delivered a broadside against some of the most powerful interests in the Democratic Party.

Using unusually vivid language to describe the threat against Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Clinton urged the voters who nurtured his career to resist outside forces bent on making an example out of the two-term Democratic incumbent.

He pounded the podium with Lincoln at his side, warning that national liberal and labor groups wanted to make her a “poster child” in the June 8 Senate run-off to send a message about what happens to Democrats who don’t toe the party line.

“This is about using you and manipulating your votes to terrify members of Congress and members of the Senate,” Clinton said in the gym of a small historically black college here.

This is getting fun.  Here you have Blanche Lincoln, a vestige of the Clinton era up against the progressive nutroots, who have funneled buckets of cash to Bill Halter’s campaign. 

That Lincoln requested Clinton’s appearance reeks of desperation, especially in a deep red state.  It’s a last gasp for a career incumbent in a year of anti-incumbent, anti-Democrat voter discontent. 

If Lincoln were to lose the runoff, it would show that the nutroots are really, really pissed.  My gut’s telling me that this panic button time for the Lincoln campaign. 

One last thing.  It’s funny how I don’t hear progressive and liberal bloggers bitching about out-of-state money and influence in this election, as they did when conservative groups were helping Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 special election, or for Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts.

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