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The Ethic of the Link

Jay Rosen, journalism professor at NYU on the importance of links to information on the Web via blogging:

The key bits:

The link […] is actually building out the potential of the web to link people, which is what Timothy Berners-Lee put into it in the first place.


…[W]hen we link, we’re actually expressing the ethic of the Web, which is to connect people and knowledge. And the reason you link doesn’t have anything to do with copyright and property, it has to do with that’s how we make the Web into the Web of connections and that’s how we connect knowledge to people.


As a blogger, what I try to do is do everything well, all the time, and give you way that you asked for every single time you come to my blog. More knowledge than you thought, more links than you’d bargained for, more nuance, more depth, more education than you imagined when you clicked that link.

That last paragraph is the essence of blogging as I see it.  It drives me nuts when bloggers don’t link to sources.


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