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SC State Senator calls Haley, POTUS “ragheads”

Good grief:

Lexington state Sen. Jake Knotts called political rival and Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley a “raghead” on an Internet political talk show Thursday evening.

The term is a slur typically used against Arabs or other ethnic groups who wear turbans or headdresses. Haley, a state representative from Lexington, is the child of Indian immigrants.

“We already got one raghead in the White House,” Knotts said. “We don’t need another in the Governor’s Mansion.

What began as an ugly gubenatorial primary race in South Carolina just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

I knew nothing about Knotts before this week, didn’t know who he was, what he stood for, etc.  By now, most people in this country know all they need to know.

What a piece of garbage.

And just for the record, Haley has vigorously denied any affair that Will Folks, the political blogger alleges to have had with her.  Folks has yet to provide any evidence for any of his allegations, which makes him a complete douchebag at this point, until proven otherwise.

All of this that’s being hurled Haley’s way is so trashy and pathetic, it’s like we’re holding society in a zoo, with all the monkeys flinging crap at each other.   Normally, I would just chalk it up to politics as usual, but it’s especially disturbing that this is coming from fellow Republicans!

And Senator Knotts is obviously a deluded cracker who has yet to enter the 21st century.  Seriously, the “Obama is a Muslim” thing is the tool of morons.

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