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Oil Spill vs Katrina

They told me that if I voted for John McCain in 2008, the White House would provide lame responses to national crises.

Looks like they were right:

A month and a half after the spill began, 69 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll rate the federal response negatively. That compares with a 62 negative rating for the response to Katrina two weeks after the August 2005 hurricane.


In addition to the 7-point difference in negative ratings of the federal response to the oil spill vs. Katrina, there’s a 10-point difference in positive ratings – 28 percent for the government’s oil spill response, vs. 38 percent for its response to Katrina.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  Barack Obama was supposed to bring a cool, level-headed maturity to the White House, characteristics and a presence that allegedly were absent with the previous occupant. 

We were told over and over and over again, that Obama was bringing a different type of governance to Washington.   Things were going to be different–government would be streamlined, more efficient, accountable. 

All we see from the President is amateurish statements about kicking “ass”, plugging that “damn hole”, demonization and passing the buck.  In other words, all talk and incompetence.  This is not what the American people voted for in 2008, or rather, it’s not what the Obama campaign advertised.

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