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World Cup 2010

I’ve been watching international soccer for over twenty years now.   With my parents being straight off the boat from Italy, I’ve watched mostly nothing but Serie A games, although Premier League soccer is great to watch on Saturday/Sunday mornings during the winter months.   For my money, La Liga is becoming (if it hasn’t already) the elite league in European soccer.

That being said, as much as I loved the Azzuri winning it all in 2006, I doubt they will repeat this year.  They essentially have the same squad that they fielded four years ago, and those guys were in their prime.  They’re four years older now, and that’s not good for soccer at this level.

I’ll be surprised if Italy makes it past the Round of 16.  Of course, you can never count out the defending champs, but time is not on their side.

You can never count out Brazil and Germany, as well.  But my favorite right now is Spain.  They have that look in their eye, and it could be their time.

Finally, one of my sleepers is Uruguay, who I think will make some noise in the tournament.

Anyway, the World Cup is a great event, and it’s good to see ESPN coming around and showing every game live.  I’ll be watching as much as I can.

Keep tabs on the World Cup with the best calendar I’ve seen so far here.

The Guardian has a good live blog of the tournament here.

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