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Game over: Get ready for the doctor and nurse shortgage

Long before President Obama started pushing for healthcare reform, baby boomer doctors and nurses were already planning to retire early.

Passage of  that reform is not helping them change their mind:

Health-care economists and other experts say retirements in that group over the next 10 to 15 years will greatly weaken the health-care workforce and leave many Americans who are newly insured under the new legislation without much hope of finding a doctor or nurse.

Government-run healthcare plans are useless when there are no doctors or nurses available. 

So just how bad will it be?  It’s a game-changer:

“Moving into the future, we see a very large shortage of nurses, about 300,000,” said Peter Buerhaus, a nurse and health-care economist and a professor at Vanderbilt University. “That number does not account for the demand created by reform. That’s a knockout number. It knocks the system down. It stops it.”

Got that?  Reform creates a ramp-up in demand to the tune of 30 million new consumers of care, while the onerous demands created by reform on existing professionals already in the system, are giving them pause about reconsidering sticking around.

What could go wrong?

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