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POTUS to give Oval Office speech on oil spill

Cue up the propaganda machine:

President Obama will give an address to the nation on the BP oil spill this week, delivering remarks Tuesday night at the end of a two-day trip to the Gulf region.

In the address from the White House, Obama will map out the government’s next steps, senior adviser David Axelrod said on NBC’s Meet the Press. He is expected to announce plans requiring BP to put billions into an escrow account to be used for compensating victims. “We want to make sure that money is escrowed for the legitimate claims,” Axelrod said.

Asked about a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll showing public dissatisfaction with the federal response to the oil spill, now nearly two months old, Axelrod said it cannot be compared to a single-moment event such as a hurricane. “This is an ongoing crisis, much like an epidemic,” he said.

Looks like those poll numbers are really hitting the floor.  Am I the only one that gets the feeling that this is just more flailing around on the part of the President, and a blatant act of desperation?

We can expect everything plus the kitchen sink in this address–the demonization of BP, the demagoguery, the implication that Republicans have to share some, if not all of the blame, etc.   This should be really fun.

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