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I’ve mostly ignored the Dave Weigel flame wars rampaging over the blogosphere over the past few weeks.  To me, it’s a tiresome exercise about Ezra Klein’s private journo-list, the sanctity of which was betrayed by one of its participants.

Andrew Breitbart is offering $100,000 for the archives of that list, which led to the usual concern-trolling by the self-serving bloggers, with Andrew Sullivan leading the charge.

This will probably be my first and only post on this whole episode, and it’s worth it just to point to Breitbart’s smack-down of Andrew Sullivan’s insane obsession with Sarah Palin, and his glaring hypocrisy:

I needn’t be lectured by a so-called “conservative” who has aided and abetted in this perversion of the American political experiment. Sullivan’s disgusting, ends-justify-the-means obsession with the personal family life of Sarah Palin breached every ethical and journalistic boundary known to the cosmos. Between airing Palin’s hacked private emails and making a cottage industry out of challenging the maternity of her son, Trig, sometimes the word “irony” or “hypocrisy” is not descriptive enough.

To highlight the absurdity of Sullivan’s outrage, perhaps his submission entitled “The Palin Emails” can grant you insight into a demented mind. Before divulging them in at least five separate posts, he wrote: ”They’ve leaked, of course. And they’re not pretty.”

And they weren’t meant to be public either, Andy.

To think I was once his biggest advocate, but now he’s an incomprehensible ‘marm. In the transparent world of conservative journalism, conservatives admit their biases; in the world in which Sullivan now curries favor, he sidles up to the ends-justify-the-means left that exposed his sexual tastes in order to put him in his place. These are the Alinsky monsters whom I seek to flash a light on.

Breitbart really hits the nail on the head right there.  Sullivan has spent a good part of two years trying to invade the privacy of Sarah Palin’s person and family.  He’s violating the very standards that he pretends to uphold about the decency of media and of journalism.  In other words, a hypocrite.

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