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Chucky Schumer is really, really concerned about the iPhone 4

So, the iPhone 4 has a bit of a signal problem.  These things happen.

Consumer Reports commits the ultimate sin of declining to recommend purchasing the new smart phone, causing a bit of a ruckus in the blogosphere.  Again, to be expected.

This prompts Apple to schedule a press conference for Friday, a day usually reserved for bad news.  Fair enough.

Then I see this story about an Apple engineer who warned Steve Jobs that the new antenna design for the iPhone 4 could lead to dropped calls.  Things get a bit more interesting, considering that I have an iPhone 3Gs, and have contemplated getting the upgrade.

To be fair, I know a few people who have the iPhone 4 and I have asked them repeatedly if they’ve been having issues, and each one has said there have been no problems.

Reading through the Bloomberg piece on the Apple engineer, I read this:

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, a Democrat from New York, issued a public letter to Jobs saying Apple’s efforts to address the matter so far are “insufficient” and asking the company “to address this flaw in a transparent manner.”

Good grief.  Is there nothing else more pressing  that needs to occupy the time of New York’s senior senator?  Financial regulation? The double-dip recession?  New York state’s budget crisis?

Really, the iPhone 4 is what’s bothering Chucky?  I wonder what his angle is?  What an idiot.

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