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Beach Day (Mellow Yellow edition)

Beach day for me today.  It’s supposed to be about 92 and slightly less humid, which is not saying much, but it’s looking like a good one for the shore. 

I usually get to the shore as early as possible, mostly to find a decent parking space, but also to beat the army of bennies that come down from various parts north.  They’re like leeches.  And for the record, the idiots you see on the “Jersey Shore” reality show are bennies–mostly from Staten Island or New York. 


Donovan’s classic 1966 tune shuffled onto my iPod since what seems like forever.  Hadn’t heard the song in a while, and forgot how great it was:

It’s well-known that Paul McCartney was in the studio providing back-up vocals to this record, sometime in the summer of 1966, which is probably about the last time he was actually cool.

Enjoy the day…

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